Enjoy The Locals

Hearty. Delightful. Memorable.


Our Philosophy

Local gastronomy is the ideal way to get acquainted with a destination. The ingredients introduce you to its flora, fauna, climate, and nutritional character. The cooking and serving methods to the people’s culinary approach, taste preferences, and the social aspects of food in general; the gatherings, the interaction, and the Epicurean element of indulgence in fine eating and drinking. The Mykonian and Santorinian cuisine carry the spirit of Meditteranean nutrition. Thanks to only the finest of their local produce, we carry and impart that spirit from breakfast to dinner.

And we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased to discover and embrace it.

Dine & Drink

at Mykonos

Bold and honest flavours that satiate your appetite for life, time after time.


Dine & Drink

at Santorini

Exciting, tantalizing flavours that awaken memories you never knew you had.